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Troy YohnTroy Yohn - Curator
Inca Trail I find the artifacts that are available to you on the site. Sometimes I acquire them when exploring other countries, from collectors who are thinning out their collections, and even from non-collectors who come across a fascinating item.

I have over 15 years of experience in software development and marketing. I am also varying parts inventive thinker, entrepreneur, adventurer, and artist. Throughout my career, I have aided in developing a cutting-edge loyalty program, a mobile marketing platform, as well as some unique mobile apps. I am constantly finishing old projects while developing new ones. I enjoy creating designs that are both interactive and fun. I have mixed that with my passion for ethnographic collectibles so that you, too, can be exposed to a part another culture's history!

Mitch Mohler - Photographer
Owner Operator of Saturn Photo Lab

Mitch has an eye for capturing images with a unique perspective. He is an expert with manipulating camera angles, lighting, and background to produce the 360-degree rotating images that allow you to view the collectibles on our site. His attention to detail provides you with the promise that our product descriptions are exactly what you get when you purchase an item from Orange Umber.

Bob IboldBob Ibold - Expert Consultant
Author of the soon to be released book "Masks from Around the World"
Author and creator of

Bob started collecting masks in the 1980's and has, since then, filled the walls of his home with artifacts from around the world. Bob's attraction towards masks was purely aesthetic at first, deriving from his love for paintings and sculptures. As his collection grew, however, he became more interested in how the masks were used, what they symbolized, and their significance within their specific cultures. Now, Bob loves both the art AND the ethnography, so much so that he is even working on a new book called Masks from Around the World where he can share his passion with you! His masks were even featured in a show at the Lancaster Museum of Art in 2002.

Bryan StevensBryan Stevens - Expert Consultant
Author of Mexican Masks Puppets: Master Carvers of the Sierra de Puebla
Author and creator of

Bryan Stevens began to collect Mexican masks in 1987. He was initially attracted to them as folk art, particularly because the faces of Mexican masks could be beautiful, menacing, or comical. Having worked as a child psychiatrist, he was interested in people's faces. Gradually he learned more about the dances, and became aware that these have traditionally functioned as symbolic performances , essentially as political theater, where the powerless could mock their oppressors and convey wordless prayers to God for justice. The variety of characters and combinations of characters was another attraction; there one found straight men and clowns, animal helpers, and devils in conflict with saints. Beneath all these themes there was also likely to be evidence of hidden native religious beliefs and concerns. His background as a Unitarian Universalist allowed him to be open to such themes, often based on alternative ideas about the sacred nature of the natural world.

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Our hope with Orange Umber is to bring the most unique and fascinating artifacts from around the world to you.

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