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How to Bid

1.   Please read the Terms of Sale before bidding.

2.   The "opening bid" (first bid placed on an item) starts the bidding clock. Items are open for bidding for 3 days after the "opening bid" is placed. When the time remaining runs out that item is declared "sold" to the current high bidder. No further bids are accepted on that item.

3.   To place a bid go to the homepage, click on one of the categories or use the search features to find your interest. If an item has not received its opening bid, you may bid that amount or any higher amount. If the item already has an opening bid, the screen will show the next acceptable bid (10% above the current bid amount).

4.   For each item, you may enter the lowest acceptable bid OR you may enter your confidential MAXIMUM bid. A MAXIMUM bid may be any amount. If you enter your maximum bid, it will be executed at the lowest amount possible, but if you are outbid, Orange Umber will bid on your behalf as needed, to keep you as the high bidder up to the maximum amount you specify. An email will be sent if your maximum is exceeded.

5.   Click on the orders menu item to view your purchases and to make a payments. We accept all major credit cards for payments. We notify winning bidder by email at close of the item auction.

Orange Umber

Our hope with Orange Umber is to bring the most unique and fascinating artifacts from around the world to you.

  • Lancaster, PA

Our guarantee

If an item is not as described we offer a 110% money back guarantee.