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Bringing the most unique and fascinating artifacts from around the world to you.

Our Story
The origin of Orange Umber is derived from a coincidental meeting between Robert "Bob" Ibold (nicknamed "The Mask Man" ) and Troy Yohn (Innovation Technologist and self-declared Adventurer ).

I find that I am drawn to the interesting and unique - whether that be people or artifacts. This allure has driven me to explore Inca ruins, dig for emeralds, and journey to the Everest base camp. When the opportunity arose to visit Bob, there was no way I could turn it down.

I have always had an enthusiasm for ethnographic items from around the world, but my passion intensified when I first walked into Bob's house - which felt more like a museum dedicated to masks, books, and other artifacts from across various continents. Not long after our first meeting we joined forces to work on and subsequently began collaborating on a book titled "Masks of the World".

While researching content for the book I not only got to meet experts like Robert Ibold and Bryan Stevens, but I also got to see the collections of artifacts that they have dedicated a lot of their time accumulating. Seeing their collections made me think that it would be great if there was a place where people could go to easily learn, share, and enjoy ethnography within a community of both experts and non-experts. With that thought, Orange Umber came to life.

Troy Yohn

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  • Unique masks and ethnographic collectibles
  • Great resource for collectors
  • Community for like minded people
  • Special offers
  • Books and reference
  • Money back guarantee

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Orange Umber

Our hope with Orange Umber is to bring the most unique and fascinating artifacts from around the world to you.

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If an item is not as described we offer a 110% money back guarantee.